That Much-Awaited Bun | Kumori

My cravings approach not as individual spies but as battalions.

In other words, I gave in to an army a couple of days ago. So I found myself marching to Kumori. I no longer bear the initial apprehension of having the wrong direction; though it was just my second visit, I know the route to cut through less of the mall crowd.

Approaching the store, there were more onlookers and customers. My guess is that the brand is gaining more popularity points now that word of mouth has spread further. Upon inspection of the displays, they had a greater number pastries and breads than last time, including new ones and even whole cakes.

Once my tray had the picks of the day, I went to the cashier to pay. Like my previous visit, the manager bagged my choices. I asked her about the Melon Bread again. She said that the bakers are currently mastering it. Also, she has notified the company about the inquiries (and the demands?) for particular items. I believe that this year’s summer will not be over without the launch of that much-awaited bun.

From Kumori, I went straight home, where I sampled my purchases with the family.

My haul last week.
My haul last week.

Soft Matcha Bun was the first one we tried. It had that distinct green tea flavor and bouquet but the “soft” referred to the name and not the taste, which was fairly strong but was neither overwhelming nor thankfully lingering.

Next was the Red Apple Bun. Imagine having a small apple pie then dipping into a candy-gum mix, letting it cool, and finally taking a bite out of it. That was my experience! The shell was the sweetest part of the bread but – like most Kumori items that I have sampled – the taste wasn’t cloying.

Hanjuku Chocolate Cheese is dark, rich, and mysterious. It has a pronounced and heavy body. While it possesses such a distinction, I am now officially more partial to the original Hanjuku Cheese, which – personally – has a much bolder taste.

The Sakura Pan is like a Bavarian donut: the peach-colored filling is thick, luscious, and creamy and possesses an easily subdued bouquet. I expected that the micro pink droplets mixed with the powdered sugar to have great taste but, if it did had that, it was lost to me.

Last of the pastries was Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun. It has the softest bread. I struggled with the other four to halve them but this one didn’t put up a fight. The cream was engaging, not loud yet clear. I wish there were more of it. The bun, not the cream because that would be too much.

Final item: the Green Tea Pudding. True to the name in taste and texture: smooth. Unlike the original flavored one, this had no observable sauce that waited at the bottom of the cup, just the usual leftovers when one has finished a serving of real green tea—only slightly thicker.

When my mother saw the rest of the photos I took from Kumori, she immediately took a liking for it. Guess I know where I’m getting this year’s birthday cake.


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