Befriending the Other Me

I came across one of those photos with quotations. Questions, to be exact.

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

Shortly after reading, I began to wonder if I would befriend myself. There’s a short version of the answer but here is the long version instead.

“If you met your exact self as another person, would you like them?”
I believe I would. I usually like everyone at the start—in varying degrees, of course.

“Would they be a good friend?”
Depends on how much the other me (OM) likes me. I’ve seen myself give half-tries. I’ve also witnessed myself hit the ground running and go the whole nine yards, even a thousand miles, even sail the seven seas—all for the people that I like and love, even when they do not like nor love me back. If I am capable of that, then I believe OM is capable of it as well. But what exactly he’d show me is something I cannot predict. While I’d like to think so, it remains to be seen.

“Would they seem kind, generous and loving?”
A good number of my friends say that I am or at least I have two of the three. Whatever the case, I believe OM would be like that as well. Frankly, that is one of the things I am genuinely curious about: how would I feel like if I received the same brand of concern that I give other people?

“Would they have time and patience, and invest in your friendship?”
As long as OM has significant interest in me and I do not do any of the stuff that would lead to a severing of ties, I believe we’d be good. Loyalty is a huge deal for me. It’s not just about physically staying by my side or constantly being my company—keeping my secrets and our conversations between us is part of that virtue. You could arm me with so much detail that, if I decide to destroy you, I could work faster, bloodier, and deadlier than the French Revolution. That also goes the other way; if I trust you enough, you’ll know where I am most vulnerable. Even if we part ways as friends, you have my guarantee that I will not spill your secrets. I will take them to the grave. In turn, I expect the same from those I gave such confidence. But betray one of mine to anyone and I assure you that the game will change.

“Would you feel good in their presence?”
Pardon the answer but, again, depends—and this time—on the mood. I am one of the moodiest persons in my circle. That is why I am baffled and at the same time relieved that I still have friends despite that quirk. I am more than aware that there are moments when I exceed the difficulty of a college exam then in the next moment to be as complicated as 1-2-3.

“Would they make you laugh?”
My one-liners have proven to be hits with certain crowds. It’s my sarcasm that I am clueless about because, while I am told I am good at dishing it, I do not know if I’m good at receiving it. With OM, I am uncertain about laughing if I heard my jokes and wit from him.

“Would you truly want to spend time with them?”
OF COURSE! Knowing either me or OM, we’re foodies. Spending actual time together means eating. Eating means food—a lot of food! We could talk about a whole bunch of stuff over a good meal, one that even comes in increments. I would love to see what food experiments OM could visualize. Also, I want to learn who could devour more yet still maintain the weight. Gluttony aside, I am curious to see how far two like-minded people would reach if they only walked and talked. I wonder if he has read more books, been to more places, seen more movies, and so many other things.

“Would they be a good influence?”
I believe OM will do his best every time and not just with me.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. SilverHakai says:

    I kind of, like, want to give my own answers to the same questions.

    Maybe some other time, but yes. 🙂


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Oh, please do. Please do.
      I would love to read about it.


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