After Midnight Dinner: A Personal First | Shakey’s Pizza

For the record: I do not leave the house after midnight just to hangout.

But all that changed last night when Marvin messaged me. He just finished a game of badminton and was looking for two things: someone to disturb and a place to go because he had the car with him. I didn’t think too much of it. So I began suggesting spots, which were mostly relatively far because they were lookout places. Then Marvin asked where I lived. I was like, “What?!”

“I shall pester you”

Guess he made good on that one. He was quite insistent knowing where my place was and where we could go to eat because he still didn’t want to go home. And it was already closing to midnight! For the likes of me who never experienced this before, it felt surreal to even just plan to go out after midnight and eat. But there I was, searching for 24-hour restaurants, giving Marvin directions to my house, and heading upstairs to change.

Somehow, I couldn’t believe it until after three calls from Marvin, who went past our village and got lost for a bit. A few more minutes and there he was, asking if that was me walking towards him and his car that was heading towards me.

With my cap, I flagged Marvin. I got in the car and directed him to where he could make the turn. Then we were off. We would’ve ended up at one of fast food places but all the good parking spots were taken. So we ended at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.

The whole hour flew by with us just talking about random stuff and our moms texting us. The surprising thing about this—for me, at least—he appears to remember that I take a lot food pictures. Whenever a plate lands on our table, he’d push it a bit closer to me.

One odd thing about the meal: my taste buds seemed to have gone to bed. Not that I couldn’t taste the food because I still could but not how I usually do. The food experience did not leave any impression on me, good or bad. Maybe I still found it strange that I was eating out after midnight? Maybe I was baffled with the strange tales Marvin was telling me about med school and the hospital? Maybe my tongue and vocabulary went to sleep ahead of me? I do not know. So, pardon if all I have this time are just photos.

Strangely I did not feel like ordering dessert. It was Marvin who did, who thought he should’ve had Mojos instead of the salad.

After the fun meal, Marvin drove me back to my village. I gave him directions on how to get back to the main highway so he could get home. Later on, I learned he took the wrong road but still got home pretty much okay.

So, thanks to the good doctor, I now know how it is to eat out after midnight.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor

MCU Monumento, EDSA Corner B. Serrano Street, South Caloocan, Caloocan City


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