Cheap Books | A Dilemma

This image from Facebook awakened the hoarder in me.

From the Books for Less Facebook Page
From the Books for Less Facebook Page

The thought of getting books that cheap made my mouth water. But that was just for a moment. Reality smacked me hard. Say that I do have the budget for this – and I do – would I have the time to rummage and haul them around in a seeming tight space? Every book fair, I lug around a load of books, which I love and loathe with the intensity of a thousand white suns.

Even if I am able to find a way to get around the place and bring them home, do I still have space in my shelf?
And the most important question: when would I get the time to read? As it stands, I no longer read during my commute. Hugely because I am not using the train to get to work. But that’s a whole other story.

It has made me wonder: what has been the cheapest book I bought? If I’m not mistaken, a small hardbound birthday book that was printed in 1963. And it belonged to a certain Barbara Witter.


What do you think?

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