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Despite being a painfully nostalgic type, I myself have yet to actually post a throwback photo.

Guess I like it better when I revel reliving a moment someone else remembers. Like this one:

An afternoon at the Archery Academy
An afternoon at the Archery Academy

The photo itself is new to me. But not the memory! It is from my second time at The Archery Academy. The idea of nocking arrows has always remained a fantasy—that was until Kuya Torch presented the idea to friends.

Long story short: because the first time was a raving success, there were more archery sessions. The one photographed is the second and not the last! Plus Kuya Torch has been a student of Archery Academy ever since.

As with most archery sessions with us, it ends by hanging out with friends at a café. The default choice is Subspace. Being new to the circle then, I may have surprised them how much I could actually eat. Well, shooting arrows can work up quite an appetite!

Now, while I do have the photos of the food I ate there and recall how much I liked what I ordered, I cannot remember the exact sensations I felt. Even if I go back to my posts and see how I raved about each one, I could not describe any of it in full detail. The K-pop songs are garbled in my head. The senses are dulled. And the place is a blur. I cannot remember what desserts they offered that day.

Isn’t it funny how memory works? You could have the whole photo but not the whole picture.

Maybe that is why a good number of people post a lot of throwback stuff. It’s not just a walk for the memory—it’s a jog! After all, there are things we don’t want to forget so easily.

The Archery Academy
5th Floor, Intrawest Center, #33 Anapolis St., Greenhills

Subspace Coffee House
Unit 103, Ground Floor, Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr Rd., Ugong, Pasig


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