Milk, Chocnut, and Phlegm | Not the Sick Mix

I experiment in the kitchen.

Sometimes, my attempts are huge. Other times, not so much—just like last weekend when I was winding down my night by making a glass of milk. While I stood near the table, I stared at the bag of Chocnut. For those unfamiliar with the brand, it’s a Philippine treat of chocolate with a hint of nuts.

Why not, Chocnut?
Why not, Chocnut?

Hardly giving any second thought, I reached for one Chocnut bar. I crushed it in my hand then emptied it into the mug. I added milk and hot water and stirred for about a minute or two, to melt the chocolate.

At first sip, I liked it! And I also disliked it.

The milk-Chocnut idea was nice. My theory would have worked. But I miscalculated the ratio. Too much milk, not enough Chocnut. So I decided, next time I make this, I would use two bars—maybe even three.

One may wonder why I would choose to go through the hassle of making the drink when there is already powdered Chocnut drink. First: we don’t have it at home. Second: according to Arby/Arby’s friends, it taste more like chocolate drink than actual Chocnut. But it’s more of the first than the second. I use what’s in hand.

Milk and Chocnut mix
Milk and Chocnut mix

While I like idea of making milk before bedtime, I couldn’t have any for now on the call of coughs and colds. I used to be under the impression that milk could aggravate the phlegm situation but according to the Mayo Clinic, milk does not increase phlegm production. But the drink does make it thicker, irritating the throat more. That’So, no to milk – or even more Chocnut – for now.


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