Leche Flan (and Ube) Without a Name

I’ve never met a Filipino who doesn’t like leche flan.

For the stranger to the dessert, the leche flan is the local version of the crème caramel. This particular treat is influenced by a Spanish dish and has been a staple during fiestas and other joyous events.

Most know leche flan to have a light texture and the tiny pocks that dot it, making the dessert kind of airy. That is why I was surprised to have tasted a different kind of leche flan at a friend’s house. It was true to the usual taste: a leche flan as sweet as the others. What made it different was it tightly packed! No small holes anywhere. It was smooth, almost silky. While slightly heavier in taste and texture, it would still melt in the mouth so effortlessly.

I asked my friend, Lana, where she got it. And she said her brother bought it somewhere at Victory Mall.

True enough, the leche flan was there. But it wasn’t inside the mall. It was outside and at a stall that primarily sells coconut water or buko juice! Curiously, its box doesn’t have a brand name, just the mark “Special Leche Flan”. It sells for Php 140.00 a box.

Unlike at Lana’s where it came in a closely sealed plastic bag, the ones I bought came with a small plastic tray. That was the sole difference. Everything else was basically the same, just like my first time to try it!

The treat was a hit with the family. It made me believe that the ube would have the same results. Unfortunately, it didn’t. While the ube is good, it was not as rave-worthy as the leche flan. Though they do taste good together.

Leche Flan and Ube duo - a nice medley
Leche Flan and Ube duo – a nice medley

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  1. diadoleteofiloramirez says:

    mag kano per dozen ng llagyan ng ube w/o name medium


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