A Couple of Pairs | Primer Bodega Sale

“Bring your inner #HenLun.” (#HenLun for Heneral Luna. It’s kind of a thing in my circle.)

That was one of the lines between me and Pam when she told me last Friday that Primer Group of Companies is holding its (almost) annual Primer Bodega Sale again. I was definitely stoked. While exchanging replies on Facebook, she told me a little secret: Tough Jeansmith would also participate this year. She showed me bags, which could sell between Php 800-2,000. Quite a steal.

Primer Bodega Sale (from Primer Group of Companies Facebook Page)
Primer Bodega Sale (from Primer Group of Companies Facebook Page)

Fast forward to the actual sale. Expectedly, it was hot inside the State Center. And no matter how many fans they had there, people still sweltered. At least it was not as messy and as crowded as the Primer Summer Sale at PICC earlier this year, which I also attended.

My first shoe is a cream-colored Marcus from Kickers. I do not know what the original price is but it fetches for just Php 800.00 at the sale. This pair made me nostalgic because I had something similar to it when I was in grade school.

Second shoe was a serendipitous find. I was already in line for the cashier when I saw a curious pair in one of the refuse boxes. It looked white with little colored details. I picked it up. Upon closer inspection, I was beginning to like its appearance. The feel of the materials and the make of the shoe were good. And the most important part: it fit.

Not Cinderfella's sneakers
Not Cinderfella’s sneakers

Yes. “It fit”. As much as I’d like to say both shoes were good, I only had half of the pair. The other shoe was in the hands of another guy who seemed to eye the sneakers as well. And he was already remarking how great it is!

No. I couldn’t let the shoe go. Nor the box. So the other guy returned the shoe. Guess he conceded because I had those two things securely in hand.

Some moments later, I saw the guy find another pair of shoes—just like what I had! Good for him.

Looked at the information and it’s a DC pair called Lynx Cyrcle with the color of a turtle dove. The bird is a color now?! I guess that works. Originally, the skate shoes would cost Php 5,990.00 but at the Primer Bodega Sale, it’s only Php 1,400.00.

Turtle dove-colored Lynx Cyrcle from DC, Php 1,400.00
Turtle dove-colored Lynx Cyrcle from DC, Php 1,400.00

While I would’ve had three pairs with me, cashier punched in only two. The guard and the manager at the exit held all my purchases while they asked for me if I could pay for the third one. I could but I would have to line up again, which meant another 45 minutes of waiting. Or maybe even more. In all that heat? No, thank you. I’m good with my couple of pairs.

A couple of pairs from the Primer Bodega Sale
A couple of pairs from the Primer Bodega Sale

One last thing: I did see Tough Jeansmith bags. But they were not full-sized messenger bags I thought they would be. Not that that’s bad. I wish I could say more about the bags but a guy had them all in two boxes. And he was ahead of me in line. I guess that could explain why I could not find any more there.

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  1. Nice pls. Send me a mail for more sale


    1. You can follow them on Facebook for updates on sales.


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