Choosing “Mary” (It’s Not Sting)

“Oh. It’s that ‘Mary’ song.”

You know how you don’t know the title of a song but are somehow familiar with it that you give it your own title? That is how I’ve been with that song for years now. But that’s not the only thing I’ve done with the “Mary” song.

I’ve never heard it in its entirety. Even this morning, when it was playing on the radio, I skipped it and surfed for other stations but, when I couldn’t find a good song, I went back to it. My choices were sappy, angry, or “Mary”. I chose “Mary”.

Because of its melody, I was slowly getting in a cheery mood.

Easily, I began to look for its lyrics. Only when the results appeared did it dawn on me: I had associated it with the wrong singer. All these years, I’ve thought that it was The Police or Sting who was the artist behind “Mary”. Turns out, it’s Danny Wilson. I don’t who he is. I could almost swear that Danny’s voice has that Sting quality to it ergo my decades-long mistake.

Predictably, I began to like the song the more times I repeated it. So, I looked for other versions of it. Jason Donovan made a cover of it that sounds straight from an 80s movie. And BBMak has an unreleased rendition of it.

This is one of those few times when a song saved my day. Just ask the officemates because they’ve been tortured by my singing for a good hour or two. Though I don’t know what saves them from my voice.


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