The Perfect Hideout | I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose

Where do you go when you’re having a bad day?

I was having one earlier today. I was feeling so rotten. Radio was one of my refuges but it could only do so much—that was until I heard a particular line.

“Just waiting for the perfect hideout”

That was the only string I caught. The chorus had already ended. The words were silent. Only the music remained. So I searched for the lyrics. I was basically bowled over when I discovered who the artist was: Bombay Bicycle Club.

English indie band Bombay Bicycle Club has been my favorite since I first heard their “Lights Out, Words Gone” a couple of years ago. I fell in love with their music more when I immersed myself in their 2010 album, “Flaws”. And “Shuffle” could never be played just once.

One of favorite bands rescued me today with just one song of theirs: “Luna”.

Immediately, I looked for the song. It wasn’t difficult to find a hit from last year. Easily, I liked it. The recognizable Indian strains made the song all the more interesting. The “Ah-ooo-ooo” is just too fun not to sing. And drum in the chorus is just intense!

Because it has a fast tempo and quite danceable, it’s not surprising that there are a number of remixes for it.

While I love the remixes and the many live acoustic versions, one stands out from the rest.

The In:Demand Uncut version translates the song into an emotion different from that made in the studio. There is an ethereal, almost magical quality about the arrangement, emphasized by the choice of instruments used by Bombay Bicycle Club for the session. It’s like when the moon, while in its fullest, would peek from the dark clouds—but only for such a brief moment, like a short, sweet dream that happened while you’re awake.

Personally, I believe that the version would not be out of place had it been included in “Flaws”.

“Luna” saved me. It got me to shake my blues loose in an existent place where I felt safe.


What do you think?

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