Almost Natural | Why I Write

I dismiss it to just one thing: urge.
You know how you could be restless sometimes that you just have to get up and do something? Like breakout dance moves in the living room or travel without an intended destination or just scratch yourself? That is why I write.
Writing is something almost natural. What kept it from being fully natural is the belief that a significant part of it was taken from habit, courtesy of my teachers from high school and college.
Hammering stuff on paper or tapping on the keyboard has always been a good exercise for me. It has been a ready channel for any of my thoughts, both the sensible and not.
Though I am not averse to speaking – to a crowd or to friends – people aren’t always available. I could have an urge about an idea at 2AM but everyone I know is already in bed. And I am not one to rouse someone from sleep just to talk about train plans for the country or why I have been craving ice cream all afternoon. That’s why I like writing: you do not need an audience. Or a mic. Or even sound.
When I write, it’s just me, my thoughts, and paper or the computer.


What do you think?

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