The Trumpeter Sings! | Perfect Day

Halloween is officially over by this time.

So – in the modern-day Philippines – that means the jack o’ lanterns give way to candles, spiderwebs to tinsel, scarecrows to pine trees, severed heads and jars of curiosities to crystal balls and stars, and flying witches on brooms to jolly fat men dressed in red riding a reindeer-led sleigh. Also, the “Thriller” is silenced as “Snow” plays in a tropical country.

By next week, I’ll have put together a decent Christmas playlist. If I remember, maybe I’ll post it here.

Pardon my excitement though but I just couldn’t hold back my excitement. I just discovered that one of my favorite jazz artists, Chris Botti, didn’t just record songs for the Holiday season. He also sang in one of them!

I could almost imagine how, decades ago, when fans of the late great Chet Baker first heard his singing voice. It would’ve probably been a mix of surprise, curiosity, and awe. My guess is that people are like that: discovering something as wonderful as a (singing) voice adds a dimension, color, depth – even life! – to an, image, a character, a person we like.


What do you think?

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