Fall From the Sky

[Don’t you bring the rainy season for now, my feelings are still not ready yet.]

It’s been said that the Philippines has only two seasons: hot and hotter.

Because of climate changes, even the cold that the rains used to bring isn’t as cold as it was before. Yet it still has a hold on people, a power only a great force of nature could possess. Just a little rain and people on the streets scurry. It sends drivers into a flurry. Even those who are high and dry still worry.

Without any hands, the rain could still reach into the secret depths of a soul. It could retrieve a forgotten memory. It could stir dead emotion. It could pull down water, blurring both recall and vision.

No matter how we shield ourselves from the rain – by ceilings and walls to sweaters and boots – it could still capture us, lock us in a grip, and then crush us in a mushy mess. All it needs to do is just fall from the sky.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. SilverHakai says:

    And the rain goes on.
    (On and on again.)


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