Riddle of the Blue Blazer

Do you remember that meme about The Dress?

The Dress (image from Wikipedia)
The Dress (image from Wikipedia)

I never participated in the arguments about its color. But after the events of this weekend have happened, I think I know how it feels to have a colorful debate.

Friday Afternoon: It’s Blue.

I was at SM North. After looking at their available items, I was drawn to a particular blazer. But I wanted to see what other stores had. I wanted to be distinct, if possible, which means not having the same color or make of suit as the groom’s or the rest of the male entourage.

After a short search, I returned to the first store; I knew I had my heart settled on that blue number at H&M. It came in my size. It had a good color: blue. It had texture because of the minute white dots, which created the illusion of an even lighter suit. It had lean lapels and two front buttons. It had British-style, which means two vents on the sides. And it had elbow patches made of dark blue material. In short, it was me. Even my father approved of my choice.

Saturday Evening: It’s Blue?

Since I brought home the blazer and showed it off, there have been arguments. I insisted that it is blue. My mother said it isn’t. I wanted to give the debate a rest so I took to online and looked up the actual, official description of the item. Lo and behold I was—wrong?!

How could I be wrong? It’s blue! It couldn’t be dark blue. But it wasn’t dark blue when I saw it at the store. And I am certain they didn’t played switcheroo with me.

But there it was, in clear letters: dark blue.

Now, why were we making a big deal about color of the blazer? Background: Pam and Kei will be wed in a few days. Both of them are of Chinese descent. As it stands by tradition, colors like black and dark blue are regarded as unlucky at weddings. It was also explicitly mentioned on the invitation to not wear such colors. I for one refuse to be the harbinger of misfortune to a wedding and marriage, specially to my best friend’s.

I had no choice: I must return to H&M. But not without a struggle.

Sunday Afternoon: Is There?

I was directed by the guard to the refund-exchange table. I told the lady about my situation and what option I preferred: replace.

Back to the men’s section, where I solved the riddle of the dark blue blazer. The blazer looked blue because – not only did I have too close in hand – there was such a bright light shining on it. The “discreet hounds tooth pattern” in white seemed to glaze over the dark blue, lightening it a bit.

There were so many other blazers that came in my size and in a good color but never the recommended color. So I went back down to have my refund. She returned the exact amount but not in cash. I was given a card loaded with the amount; it could be used for anything at H&M until next year. So even if I technically had money, I still didn’t. I had no sufficient cash with me to buy another blazer.

What did I do?

I wanted the hunt to be over yesterday. So I steeled myself and hurried over to the next mall and to the train station. In a few moments, I found myself back in SM Megamall – like last week – but still at H&M.

Sunday Evening: There is!

Just before I began my hunt anew, I received a call from Arby, who cheered me on for the search. And there was also the green light from Pam and Kei that gave me extra fuel.

After a few frustrated sighs, I sighted it, hiding in plain sight. The blazer has the recommended color. It’s in the proper size. It has a good texture. There are lean lapels, two front buttons, and an American-style, which means one vent in the middle.

Cotton Shirt with Bow Tie and the H&M Merchandise Return Card
Cotton Shirt with Bow Tie and the H&M Merchandise Return Card

So what kind of blazer did I get? I leave that for another post.


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  1. SilverHakai says:

    What an odyssey it turned out to be! Well, in any case, the bow tie is cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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