Good, Sweet Feelings | Starr’s Famous Shakes

How many times have you chanced on a restaurant that was on its soft opening?

Rare—at least, that’s how it goes for me. I wasn’t that surprised to see a Starr’s Famous Shakes branch at Greenhills because it is near one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in the country. But what surprised me was that it was new and there wasn’t any customer. I even hesitated to enter. If it weren’t for Cat and Kelvin, I might’ve stayed longer outside.

Door to the Starr's
Door to the Starr’s

It was a bright place. For a small restaurant, it didn’t feel that cramped. Until people started coming in and the begin filling the benches.

The girl behind the counter asked what I felt like having. I couldn’t pick. There were just too many options and even more possibilities. Then I saw the Vanilla Blue Heaven and asked what it was. She said that it was just vanilla that was colored blue. I like vanilla. I like blue. I said I’ll have that.

Cat asked if I recommended the PBB&J (Peanut Butter, Banana, and Strawberry Jam). I explained it this way: as a sandwich, it worked. Well, for me and my weird tastes, it worked well. And she knows how weird I could be with food. I added a quick disclaimer: it might have a different result as a drink. So it’s a gamble. Turns out, it was worth the risk for her because she loved it.

Kelvin took a flavor that is close to his place of work: Strawberry, plain and sweet.

We three agreed that the struggle was real. The milkshakes were a thick mix of ice cream and yoghurt; not as thick as one restaurant I know of. The effort yielded us good, sweet feelings. But what made me like them is the customizability of their offerings, even if I never got try any of it. When I return to one of their branches, I hope I’ll be in a better state to make up my mind about what I want.


Starr’s Famous Shakes
GF Cullinan Prime Building, 8 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City


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