Bigger Hawaiian Style Burger, Php 367.00; Swiss Cheese, Php 58.00; Grilled Mushrooms, Php 28.00

Third Time at Teddy’s

I sought sanctuary and sustenance.

But, in my hungry state, I would rather have the latter more than the former. After being relieved of a mental burden, I didn’t want to gamble. I didn’t want to take any more risks so I decided to return to somewhere I was certain I would love the food: Teddy’s Bigger Burgers.

Christmas Eve was my third time to visit them this year. It would probably be the last for this year, as well. But I believe they would see more of me next year.

While I was greeted with the usual “Aloha!”, I thought something strange was happening in the restaurant. It slowly dawned on me: I was the only customer. Everyone else there was a staff. You know how you enter a room and all eyes are on you? That! It felt so awkward that when I was handed the menu, I was more than willing to hide behind it. I almost didn’t notice something even if it was staring me in the face. They now have a menu! Or did they always have it but I was never handed one?

From the looks of it, they also seemed to have added more offerings.

Though I did say I wouldn’t want to risk anything today, I may just try a few new things. So, I asked for the Bigger Hawaiian Style Burger, which is a size larger than their usual. Then I added my usual slice of cheese; I picked Pepperjack this time. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of it so I settled for Swiss Cheese instead. And a bunch of Grilled Mushrooms, as well.

As expected, it was bigger. Just taking the first bite out of it was a challenge, which I readily accepted.

Bigger Hawaiian Style Burger, Php 367.00; Swiss Cheese, Php 58.00; Grilled Mushrooms, Php 28.00
Bigger Hawaiian Style Burger, Php 367.00; Swiss Cheese, Php 58.00; Grilled Mushrooms, Php 28.00

Hawaiian Style Burger was so good that I almost forgot that I also ordered a small batch of Cajun Fries, which I’ve never had before. They were cut thick and – despite being ignored for a few moments – they were still warm. But what surprised was they were hot! And I don’t mean a polite sprinkle of spices. It was a generous dash of heat. It was blowing my mind away!

To revive my tongue, I took sips from all-time favorite, the Vanilla Milkshake.

My whole experience there was great save for one thing, which basically happens every single time: the bottom bun soaks so much juice and oil from the patty and other toppings that it becomes soggy. While I contemplate if thicker bottom bun could deter the situation, it may ruin the proportion. So, scratch that idea.


Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
3F, Greenbelt 3, Makati City


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