Looking Back One More Time

Corner of Past, Present, and Future
Corner of Past, Present, and Future

“Were you able to look back on a few things?”

Yes, I did. Many things happened to me while I was with friends. Sometimes, with strangers. And a few times just by myself. Some things may happen again or never again. Some circumstances have changed and some have not. I have a great number of memories – both sad and happy – from just this year alone. Frankly, I’d like more of the latter than the former for next year. And, reader, I wish the same for you.

May we have more memorable moments in 2016. From my blog to you, Happy New Year!


For the curious, the image is a screenshot from an anime.

Kekkai Sensen, also known as Blood Blockade Battlefront, is quite a revelation. The story is a riot that builds quite a pitch then crashes with laughter and tears. The suits that most of the characters use are eye candies. And the soundtrack – with one CD using mostly songs with English lyrics – is an eargasm. If you liked the OST of Cowboy Bebop and Baccano, you may want to give this one a try.


Hello, World by Bump of Chicken


Catch Me If You Can by Ai Ninomiya


On My Own by Ai Ninomiya


Land of Nod by Ben Lorentzen


Sugar Song to Bitter Step by Unison Square Garden


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