Achievement Unlocked: I’m Now Five!

5yo WordPress
Achievement Unlocked: I’m Now Five!

I’m five years old! I mean, my WordPress account is.

What was it like being five?

Frankly, I could barely anything besides being in pajamas, screaming like a maniac as the neighbor’s chicken chases me, and passing out on the sofa because of eating too many raisins—but not all on the same day! My world was as big as the backyard and as far as the supermarket.

But what about in the blogosphere?

The past year saw me gaining more than 2000 followers. I’ve now personally met 10 bloggers from WordPress. And I began blogging about clothes and fashion, which I normally don’t.

Changes will happen. And more will happen this year. Maybe meet more bloggers and write about stuff that is – at this moment – outside of my comfort zone? Just my guess but who knows? That much I could say.

Also, thank you for taking the train with me! I hope you still continue this ride. I remain your conductor.


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