My First Cup of Coffee for 2016

Coffee is such a rare presence in our house.

My grandmother taught me how to drink it black and dunk pan de sal in it. But that was when I was five and she was still alive. It’s been decades since. I still know how to drink. But I also know not to crave for it. There are only two situations that happen about 10 times in a year in which I would have coffee: I am at a café with friends and the café is fresh out of hot chocolate or the best friend has made me a cup, just the way I like it.

How do I like my coffee? Hugely, it depends on my mood but usually it’s sweet, light, and creamy.

That’s why when blogger-friend Monch told me about a particular coffee item, I immediately became interested. A few weeks after the New Year celebrations, I found myself hopping around the mall to the direction of UCC Coffee Café Terrace at TrinoMa Mall. The menu had that classy, white texture to it. If it weren’t for the springs, I’d say they were evoking a coffee table book.

I asked for Omurice with Shiitake Lengua. The sauce was strong and savory. Both the mushrooms and the lengua were tender; I was expecting the latter to be chewy but it was cut thin and softened so much.

Omurice with Shiitake Lengua, Php 380.00
Omurice with Shiitake Lengua, Php 380.00

The drink I paired my meal with was Kori Kohi, iced coffee cubes in a clear, tall glass that comes with warm milk and sugar syrup. The look of it alone summoned the five year-old boy in me. Stirring the ice cubes was fun but watching the warm milk swim through the many crevices was almost hypnotizing. The syrup snaked on the surface then disappeared after a few seconds. Mixing all three was just pure, childish delight!

Another thing that I looked forward to: drinking the milk. I believe that, to appreciate the whole, I should know the pieces. And I do this a lot! Case in point: a dinner at Gayuma ni Maria. I had already tasted the syrup; it was sweet but not overpowering. That excited me all the more about the milk. Turns out, its taste was hardly any different from ones that came in cartons.

While drinking my personal blend, I remembered my question. “Why does UCC Coffee have different names for their branches?” There are so many international restaurants and cafés here but I’ve noticed that only UCC Coffee varies how it calls its branches. Through Nica asking the company, I gained an answer.

UCC'S Answer
UCC’S Answer

One mystery solved, if you are as curious as I am!


UCC Coffee Café Terrace
GF, TrinoMa Mall, North Triangle, Quezon City


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  1. Great to know you tried out their kori kohi! 😉 Being a seafood person though, I would prefer their salmon and shrimp omurice (which I first tasted at the Park Cafe spot in Eastwood 1800).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mati Serrano says:

      And thank you for telling me about it! It was fun mixing and drinking it. Brought out the kid in me!
      Salmon sounds nice on omurice. I’ll keep that in mind.
      Speaking of which, I knew that UCC wouldn’t serve it like MeiDolls would – face on the egg spread – but that made me miss those girls all the more. XD

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