The Long Wait for Poutine

It isn’t strange to talk about food while actually eating different food, is it?

Well, that was what was happening at Pam and Kei’s place. I was having dinner with them at their love nest. As we were eating, I brought up the idea of paying for a meal for however you want. That piqued their curiosity. And some minutes, we were laughing and talking about other things.

Forward to the next afternoon, when I received a text from Pam telling me to meet with them the following day for a dinner at the place I mentioned the night before.

Dinner was scheduled for February 8, which was also the Lunar New Year. I headed for Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and took a bus. When I alighted, I began a brisk walk. Strangely, for a February here, the air was crisp and cool. Not that I was complaining. When I reached the front of the restaurant, a queue greeted me. Some minutes, Pam and Kei exited the nearby coffee place and we took the tail end of the line—but not for long.

So, what were we in line for?

Pound by Todd English, which just opened early February, devised a promo which ran from February 5-10 that had people talking: pay what you want. A person could order any one of their burgers and then pay for it how he or she sees fit.

Although dinner starts at 6PM, the line began to form an hour earlier. But the space allotted for the promo diners could only accommodate so much, which meant that we would wait far longer than an hour because we weren’t anywhere near the head of the queue. To while the minutes away, Pam, Kei, and I swapped stories.

Just before 7:30PM, a table for three was finally available!

Dark walls and gleaming cutlery and tableware paved the way to our spot. The placemat had the menu printed on it.  While we reveled in the cool breeze of the AC, we finalized our orders, though still curious as to how big the servings are, despite having answers from the wait staff.

Pam and I had the same burger: TE (Todd English) Crispy Chicken Burger, originally priced at Php 225.00. The chicken fillet on mine was quite bigger than Pam’s but we both loved our order. It had a good balance of meat and vegetables but what won us over was how the sweet-spicy sauce reacted with the chicken. That burger truly had a kick! Another thing that made mine different from Pam’s was I asked for an extra Fried Egg, which costs Php 25.00. It was smaller than expected but, for whatever space it covered, it made the experienced definitely creamier.

Kei asked for the Amsterdam Burger, originally priced at Php 280.00. I never heard a complaint from him, though Pam said it was foreign for her taste. He also asked for a serving of #Onion3, which costs Php 120.00. The dish was surprising; they were bunched into a fried rectangle. With our forks, we twirled some of the rings to untangle them from the rest. Surprisingly, the chicken burger sauce was the same dip for the onions, which made us love it even more.

Our fourth item was the Todd English Poutine, which costs Php 180.00. While I loved it, I expected it to have more cheese. But it had a generous serving of beef and gravy. Still good though.

Todd English Poutine, Php 180.00
Todd English Poutine, Php 180.00

Every forkful of the messy fries made me nostalgic. Then again, nostalgic is the wrong word to use because the moments that flashed in my head never happened. The empty seat beside me would emphasize that. What called me out of the attack was the call for dessert.

The separate dessert menu
Todd English Poutine, Php 180.00

“They don’t have dessert at all.” That’s what I thought until I spotted the back pocket of some of the wait staff. There was a dessert menu. We asked for it. Sadly, all they offered were TE Sundaes. And not one of them enticed any one of our palates. So we asked for our bill, agreed on what we would pay, paid, and left.

How much did we pay? I’ll say this much: we were no misers and the long wait was definitely worth it.


Pound by Todd English
B3, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



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