Strange Mix

In the age of the Internet, you’re bound to make friends online.

Mick is one of those people I met while surfing the World Wide Web. It has been about two years since I had my first exchange with him. And a couple of months ago, he decided to return to the Philippines from Canada. Along with Arby, RG, and Jaime, we welcomed him back to the country.

While it was safe to bet that Mick had a warm welcome from the metro itself – thanks to the heat wave – we cooled him down a bit by meeting him at an ice cream parlor. But once dessert was finished, we had to find somewhere else to hang. Mick suggested that we watch the sunset. While we were rowdy at the bayside, Mick kept a steady hand while filming the last few moments of the Manila sun. That was something I never would’ve known and appreciated hadn’t I met him in person!

Sunset by the Bay (Photo by RG)
Sunset by the Bay (Photo by RG)

As the evening stars began to start their show, we decided to have dinner. This time, the guys looked to me for suggestions. So I gave them the usual rundown: American, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian. Considering that we were big eaters, Mick opted for good and big servings. So, I led them out the front of SM Mall of Asia to look for a favorite.

Though A Venetto is no longer near the Music Hall and is a smaller place than it used to be, it still had that recognizable ambiance. It’s a new look for them. While I love them, I have no idea if my friends would feel the same about the restaurant. The guys ordered two big plates of pasta and a large pan of pizza. Mick said he loved the Lasagna while the Puttanesca was enough to quench Arby’s curiosity—his first time for it, I guess. The New England Pizza was more than filling; the whole thing was finished by giving Jaime the last two slices!

Our energy renewed, we went out to swap stories while basking under the stars then off to the arcade, where they embarrassed themselves as they danced in front of girls. Pardon me that I can’t show you the video for that one. We laughed that moment off in private as we sang the night away at a videoke room. Then two hours were spent witnessing R-18 stuff, which got our spirits high.

Unwinding brought us back to the ground. We looked for a good coffee place but because our first choice was already closed, we went with Starbucks. Strangely, only Mick had coffee while RG and Arby had chocolate, Jaime ordered juice, and I milk. We’re a strange mix.

At Starbucks with the Guys (Photo by RG)
At Starbucks with the Guys (Photo by RG)

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante
North Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City


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  1. Luna says:

    I’ve met some amazing online friends in real life. It’s great what the Internet has done for a new generation 🙂


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      It is! Meeting friends from online has always been exciting for me.


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