Constantly Changing Burger

Have I told you how much I like customizable burgers?

Like the typical guy, I love burgers. And while there are many ways to make a burger, restaurants usually only offer kinds that are already set. You get burgers that have just one certain kind of cheese with a certain kind of patty plus a certain kind of sauce, all on a certain kind of bun. Makes for less complicated life decisions? Guess I’m a masochist because I revel in the pain of choosing, which is found only at places that allow customization.

I want my burger done in a particular way when I’m in a particular mood.

And that is why I just adore Burger Project and their array of choices. There are so many ways that you could recreate a plain cheeseburger. But why stop at a cheeseburger when there is so much more that you could make? There are like a hundred possibilities that exist with their options. And that is me being grossly generous and exaggerated.

That is also the reason why I just couldn’t tell Pam – or anyone, for that matter – how I make my version of the Hawaiian burger hugely because, with me, there is no set way to make that burger. Even I don’t know how I would want it at one moment. And I’m already facing the menu by then!

One thing I am sure of: it has to have a slice of pineapple. Then I play with the possibilities. I ask myself if I want savory, earthy, or spicy, creamy or sloppy, pungent or fragrant.

Being the weirdo of the foodie that I am comes with certain risks. Sometimes, what sounds good in my head will not taste right in my mouth. Customizing with abandon like I do results to either a hit or a miss. Which is why I am so grateful that the last time I was there, my combo was great!

What did I make?

Like I said, there has to be a slice of juicy pineapple. Instead of the usual beef patty, I went with the tender chicken that was laid on a bed of crisp lettuce, covered in slice of melted mozzarella and drizzled with smoky barbeque sauce, all carried on a soft sesame seed bun. Cat and Kelvin, who were with me that afternoon, never got a word from me for ten minutes. And that was just half the burger!

My burger at Burger Project constantly changes. That’s what makes me look forward to being there and being happy.


Burger Project
122 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City


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  1. Kally says:

    What an entertaining post!

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