A Different Way to Eat Ice Cream

How do you eat your ice cream?

While I prefer the classic ice cream in a bowl or mug sans anything else, I wouldn’t shy away from trying new ways. So, when I learned that Army Navy came out with a new dessert offering, I decided to have a taste for myself. Plus, the heat was a good excuse to eat something cold.

I thought of having a whole meal there so I asked for a Burger. The surprising thing here is that all variants of the burger there don’t have cheese. So I had to add a slice of cheese to my order—not an extra slice because extra implies that there already exists a slice of cheese in the burger. Now either my taste has changed or the company has altered its recipe. The burger doesn’t taste as good as the last time I had it. Even the cheese couldn’t save it from failure.

Burger (135.00) plus Slice of Cheese (35.00)
Burger (135.00) plus Slice of Cheese (35.00)

My drink of choice: milkshake. Not because it’s one of my usual orders – at least not this time – but because they offered Ube Milkshake, which is rare even in the metro. Ube is purple yam. I love the ice cream that they used for it. And I believe I know which one they used. But I’m keeping that to myself.

Now, for the main reason why I went to Army Navy: the Bergy Bit. It’s made of crispy croissant filled with huge, soft chunks of brownies and scoops of vanilla ice cream, all embraced with sweet caramel and dark chocolate sauces. It’s a definite good, just don’t let it melt because ice cream in a bun will prove to be quite a mess, unless licking sticky stuff in public is your idea of fun. The experience reminded me of eating sorbetes, local ice cream sold on the streets, with monay, a big fluffy bun used for homemade burgers. Some even use pan de sal, a smaller type of bread and a favorite at the Filipino breakfast table.

Yes, the Bergy Bit was good. But it’s only there while supplies last. So I guess I won’t be swinging by the place anytime soon, unless there is something new to try.


Army Navy
2nd Floor Sky Garden, SM City North EDSA, North Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City


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