Your One Choice Today

You say that you have no obligation to vote? The Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines says:




Sec. 4. Obligation to register and vote. – It shall be the obligation of every citizen qualified to vote to register and cast his vote.


Who is qualified to vote?




Sec. 117. Qualifications of a voter. – Every citizen of the Philippines, not otherwise disqualified by law, eighteen years of age or over, who shall have resided in the Philippines for one year and in the city or municipality wherein he proposes to vote for at least six months immediately preceding the election, may be registered as a voter.

Any person who transfers residence to another city, municipality or country solely by reason of his occupation; profession; employment in private or public service; educational activities; work in military or naval reservations; service in the army, navy or air force; the constabulary or national police force; or confinement or detention in government institutions in accordance with law, shall be deemed not to have lost his original residence.


Of course, it is part of your God-given right to choose not to vote. Whatever you choose, whether to vote or not, may wisdom be on your side. For whatever you choose to do today – this one choice of yours – will affect all of us. And by “us”, I include not just Filipinos but everyone on this planet. The next leader of the Philippines, like all leaders before him or her, will have a hand on the direction the future of the world will take.


The future and the choice are yours.







What do you think?

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