Old Digests

Found these sometime last week.

Old Readers Digests
Old Readers Digests

Originally, they belonged to Cocoy, a friend-dormmate from college, who collected them because his father made a subscription for him; his collection spanned the years from 1996 t0 2002. He gave them to me when he had to return home after graduating. I stored them in a plastic bin and would’ve been left to oblivion until I raged to look for some personal documents.

Now, the nieces – whenever they visit – flip through them for entertainment or building their vocabulary. It’s great to see that they have found new readers.


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  1. Ann G. says:

    it’s a good read! i used to collect National Geographic 🙂 maybe when we get to transfer to our new home and our father did make a book shelf for us as he promised, i’ll try to collect again 🙂

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    1. Mati Serrano says:

      That sounds nice! Hope you get that shelf you were promised and begin to collect National Geographic again.
      NG was one of the magazine I flipped through whenever I visit the college library. Love their shots of Egypt!

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