Second Visits, Second Chances, One Night

How many times have you returned to a restaurant?

Personally, when my first visit is anything but good or great, I never return. Unless for some reason the decision is out my hands, then I just might. That was what happened when I met with Arby, Jave, and Yuji. I thought it would be at an ice cream place but – turns out – they decided to go with a cake place. That is why I entered The Baker’s Table again.

Last time I was there was in September of 2014. While the gathering itself was fun because of friends, I could’ve gone with a better choice of cake. What cake did I pick? I can’t recall the exact name but, judging from the color, I know it’s ube. And I know I did not like it.

Ube Cake: regrettable, forgettable
Ube Cake: regrettable, forgettable

Frankly, I wouldn’t want to pick another cake at The Baker’s Table but the trio was already settled there and we were all waiting for Ren to arrive. When he did, one of the first questions he asked me was, “Are you ordering?” I said that I would if he would, thinking he wouldn’t. He did. Therefore, pressure!

So, I took the dive and picked a slice of the Flat Tops Cake.

Flat Tops Cake, Php 110.00

With my first forkful, I could tell how sinful it was. Despite being light and moist, it was still quite decadent. That’s why I couldn’t scarf it down in my usual fashion and speed. I even had to ask for a taste of Ren’s Butterball Cake slice, which reawakened my tongue with energy to finish my piece. I may come off as complaining but – actually – I am not. I like this particular cake. It’s a better choice than my previous one. I don’t even regret not eating the piece of Flat Tops because Yuji eyed it and savored it on the way out.

Cake Display (Butterball Cake is lower shelf, second from right)
Cake Display (Butterball Cake is lower shelf, second from right)

Of course, some second visits have different results.

After I parted ways with the guys, I went to Burger Company to have dinner and games with friends. While picking out what we wanted from the menu, which excited us because they created a new one, the waitress told us that our game of choice, Cards Against Humanity, came in a bigger set. So she went to get it.

Cards Against Humanity: Bigger, Blacker, Better
Cards Against Humanity: Bigger, Blacker, Better

During the first round, our orders finally arrived. Because I wanted to feel fired up that night, I asked for a Cajun Chicken & Slaw. Expecting that it would be truly fiery, I agreed to the waitress suggesting that I make it a meal set with the fries and iced tea. Even before I took my first bite, I felt the excitement surge through me because I loved my first time here, which was in November 2014.

Cajun Chicken & Slaw, Php 175.00
Cajun Chicken & Slaw, Php 175.00

My friends and I were laughing our heads off because of the Cards Against Humanity game results. Meanwhile, I found my burger to be funny. I had already halved it but I still couldn’t taste the spice. Cajun didn’t land on the bun or the slice of cheese. It wasn’t anywhere! The chicken wasn’t evenly cooked. Burnt tips, medium rare in the middle. Sadly, I couldn’t finish the disappointment. I felt like the new menu lied to me, even cheated out of such a good deal. So much for a grand expectation.

While I am all for a second chance, may you do it with care.


Bakers Table
88-B Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City


Burger Company
Scout Reyes Corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City


7 thoughts on “Second Visits, Second Chances, One Night

  1. It’s so disappointing when you’re looking forward to a meal only to have something go wrong.. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.. or will there even be a next time?
    I have yet to play Cards Against Humanity but I’ve heard it’s hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is disappointing. I can let go of a poor plating or presentation but a flat taste is just sad.
      Probably I’ll return there because friends would set-up another game night. But as for asking for the same burger again, no.
      “Cards Against Humanity” could be fun, depending on how twisted the other players’ throughts are. It’s only great because of the people you’re with.


  2. That is the most disappointing burger I’ve ever seen accompanied with fries. I think I’ve had cheaper burgers that look and taste better than that. I hope that doesn’t happen to you again. To have a fun game with a bland burger is pretty much unforgivable.

    Liked by 1 person

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