Live and Loud and Wild

With friends and board games, who gets bored?

Originally, our plan was just to eat out but one thing led to another so our plan changed. For the record though, while most of my friends credit me for organizing the whole thing, it actually started with Laurie; I just happened to be the one who asked people who would be available for a game night. One other thing, we had two options for the venue. But the larger one never picked up the phone, no matter how many times Jove called them. And that is how we ended up at Laruan Atbp. Café, one of the newer board game bars in the metro.

Jove was the first one to appear at the café. By 6:30 PM one Saturday evening, there were six us at the table, which also included Arby, Sid, M, and Laurie. The place is small so our company felt cozy with the rest of the customers. But that never stopped anyone of us from making noise as loud as the other groups.

I asked for their Cajun Chicken. Just with the word Cajun, I expected it to be spicy. It looked good and smelled herby. I believed I would see a glimpse of heaven with a forkful. My vision remained on earth. I tried eating more of the meat, which was evenly cooked but lacked that kick I thought it would have.

Cajun Chicken, Php 175.00
Cajun Chicken, Php 175.00

Sid ordered two desserts. The first one was the Macaron Trio, meringue cookies that came in these flavors: dark chocolate Tonka bean, salted caramel, and raspberry white chocolate. The guys had praises for the sweets. The second one was Milk + Cookies. While it sounded simple enough, it was actually more detailed: the three cookies were served fresh from the oven and their chunky, chewy goodness of the peanut butter chocolate chips instantly melted us. They were a hit! The cookies were dark and rich; the milk was light. The bouquet reminded me of drinking Sustagen.

An hour and a half plus four games later, the other guys arrived. We would need more space. Thank goodness there was a group that just left so we now had a place that accommodated the first six plus RG, Cathy, Jaime, Rai, Mickey, Don, Jerry, and Jace. I loved that the turnout was better than I anticipated. Both ends of the long table had different games going on because there’s not that many board games that uses more than 12 players.

My guess is the staff at Laruan expect chaotic, unexpected things to happen at their work place. We saw a mini birthday party that included poppers, confetti, and so much leftovers. I hope they get a bigger place because they truly deserve it for being nice and knowledgeable about the games they allowed customers to use, also for letting anyone to be live and loud and wild.


Laruan Atbp. Café
Ground Floor, Luisa Building 2, 107 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City


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  1. On second thought, I wonder why most of them establishments are situated right beside coin laundry shops… =))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Because sometimes the games get dirty? IDK. XD
      Nice observation, though. I hope I remember that next time I’m around another board game bar.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, maybe yes – or maybe no. XD

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