A Different Approach

Dear Edith Hamilton,


Possibly, I came across your book when I was still in college.

I was in my junior year. And I was in a Mythology and Folklore class. Despite being a Christian school, the university didn’t lack for mythology books. But I wanted my own and one that they did not have. So, I went through the usual lineup. Bulfinch’s Mythology by Thomas Bulfinch was at the forefront, the one that the attendant would usually pick. If I went for that, I would’ve probably had the same lines and ideas that my classmates had.

That is why I bought your Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes.

Granted, my answers weren’t popular and I was barely sought after in class. But I received what I asked. My approach to the subject was different than most of the other students. There were a few who tuned in to the same frequency that I did; guess that’s why I found it easy to bounce off ideas with them.

Even with the class over, there were times when I would look for Mythology and read it for fun.

For me, it never sounded like those monotonous scholarly tomes or highfalutin high-brow volumes. There was never a chapter that left me drained of energy or too heavy to move to another page. For something light, I wanted more. But that is all there is to it. So, I just reread it, which I have done so many times that I have lost count. The dogearedness of the leaves attest to that!

Upon reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & Olympians series, I felt a familiar joy. It was almost like going through your Mythology all over again.

Sadly, I know you’ll never get to read this letter. Although I am glad to say that I am one of the many who have enjoyed your work time and time again. I am happy that I chose you to be my source. It’s an honor to have read one of your masterpieces and to have been blessed by it.

Thank you so much.



Mati Serraño


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