Book Hunting at Anvil Publishing Inc.

Filipinos love Christmas.

Basically, that’s a fact in the Philippines. As soon as September is here, carols usually heard only between late November and early January begin playing. Holiday decors – minor and major – in humble sari-sari stores and giant malls are hung and placed. And shopping for Christmas gifts start!

Kelvin told me about the Christmas Book Sale by Anvil Publishing Inc. Books with great discounts are an instant hit. Kelvin was so intent on going there that, even if it was out of the way for us both, he paid for the taxi.

The Way to Anvil Publishing
The Way to Anvil Publishing

Anvil Publishing Inc. is a local publisher that has been producing books since 1990. They have close ties to National Bookstore Inc., the largest bookstore and office supplies chain in the country. Anvil is the creator of a number of the textbooks that my schools used. Besides the almost 2,000 (and counting) titles they have, they also have gained the title of “Publisher of the Year” eleven times from the Manila Critics Circle.

Thankfully, academic books aren’t the only things they publish.

Book Pile at Anvil Publishing Inc.
Book Pile at Anvil Publishing Inc.

In case you want to go to the Anvil Publishing Grand Christmas Sale, which runs from October 25 until December 10, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Dress lightly – the place relies on electric fans for ventilation and it tends to be hot there
  • Avoid jangly or chunky clothes and accessories – the gaps between shelves are narrow and dark; best to decrease the likelihood of being tangled or caught in something or someone
  • Bring tissues or wipes – some of the book piles have underlying layers of dust or just sticky residues

Book prices range anywhere between Php 5.00 to Php 500.00. The three items I picked fetched only Php 15.00. If you would like a price check or have questions about other books not on display, there is usually someone near the entrance who could give answers. Happy book hunting!

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  1. whoah… this is awesome… too bad i spent my extras on something else.

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  2. Kriztin Cruz says:

    I heard that scholastic is holding a similar event. But it’s when you collect books in boxes then pay P800 for the amount of books you get. Am I right about this, though? I just love book sales like these!


    1. I’ve read about Scholastic Asia’s warehouse sale. But IDK anything about paying Php 800 for all the books in one box.

      This is my reference:


      1. Kriztin Cruz says:

        I can’t seem to see the facebook post. Is it on private, though?


          1. Kriztin Cruz says:

            There we go! Thanks so much! I’ll check out their page, too


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