A Memorable Lunch

When I realized what today was, I immediately waxed nostalgic.

It was three years ago today when I had my first meal at the fantastical Sci-Fi Café at Robinson’s Galleria. After meeting an online friend for the first time, we headed there to eat. Being geeks of different levels and members of various fandoms, the place had an instant appeal to both of us.

They had wall-to-wall displays of figures from comics, novels, TV series, and movies. There were even some that hung from the ceiling – spacecrafts from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes – but I never got around to taking even one photo of any of them. The place was just overwhelming with so many details! It was almost a veritable museum.

Of course, we were there for food. The immense number of eye candy was just a great bonus!

So, while waiting for our food to arrive, we fooled around with the wearable pieces. There were whole costumes but, frankly, there was a subtle smell to them so we just took the ones that had less odor. Captain America’s Shield was still offered for customer use (and not hung over the door), just like Harry Potter’s Nimbus 3000, which we found on the floor.

As much as I loved to have Gizmo from Gremlins for company, he had to stay within the glass walls. So it was just Ted who sat with us at our table.

Sci-Fi Café’s menu items were also inspired by titles or names from popular fiction. For lunch, we had Total Recall Cheesy Chick, soft, moist chicken that was drowned in cheese; Fantastic 4 Cheese Pizza, slices of cheesy goodness; Steve Rogers’ Burger, big, tender, juicy beef patty served open-faced; Jaba the Hotdog, pan seared cheese franks with BBQ sauce and mayo in a roti paratha; and for me, Ube Pastillas Shake, because I couldn’t resist.

Even though I’d love to meet other friends there, that’s no longer possible. Just before 2014 ended, Sci-Fi Café closed.

Screen grab from Sci-Fi Café’s facebook page
Screen grab from Sci-Fi Café’s facebook page

The sad news broke many hearts. A number of them posted photos of their times at the restaurant. It’s been two years since that happened. I still become wistful at the mention of the name. And I remain thankful for a memorable lunch.

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  1. Indeed, it’s saddening that such a notable cafe would close down over a trivial reason. 😦

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    1. I know that they had a few board games. I’ve thought that maybe they could’ve relaunched the place as a board game bar (and added more games). IDK if that could’ve helped improve the situation.

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      1. It could have helped, seeing the ubiquity of board game cafes around the metro.

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        1. And they had adequate space for it, if you include the area outside.

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