How would I close 2016 on WordPress?

This year has been an unwilling dive into dark and cold waters. From the looks of it, land is still far. That or the fog and waves block my sight. Fighting the water has left me tired. Many times, I would rather that the current take me wherever. But I know where I want to go, where I have to be. So even with one storm after another, I swim. I cannot remain in what has become a pool. I brave the ocean.

For the times I waver, I am thankful for the strength that comes from friends, family, and God. And for the moments I drown in my past, I am grateful for words and songs.

I pray that 2017 find us closer to where we ought to be.



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  1. Eu says:

    Happy New Year Kuya! ^_^
    Super random question, who are your writing influences? šŸ™‚


    1. Happy New Year too!
      For fiction, it’s Riordan, Snickett, and Carroll.
      For anything else, I’ve no one in particular although reading MB columns and magazines for 6+ years will give a rub.

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