A More Effective Time Machine

Dear Matt Dorsa,


I’ve tried Googling you but there aren’t significant results. All I have are: you compiled handwritten aphorisms and epigrams from kids then entitled the work as Words of Wisdom.

Whenever I go through the book, it’s like reading old slum books. The varying penmanship, the blocky prints and wriggling cursive, all with their own depth and force completed by ink, lead, or colorful wax. The rough and simple illustrations that recall kindergarten efforts. Words vainly covered by liquid erasers. Your collection is a more effective time machine than other books I’ve read.

After reading your compilation, I wondered what wisdom my classmates and I had when we were 13 and 14 year-olds. I guess that would be one of the mysteries of my life.

Thank you so much for Words of Wisdom.


Mati Serraño


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