Cheeseburger for Me, Bacon for Them

For The Sunday Club’s last meeting for 2016, Kelvin had his eyes set on only one place: Naughty Nachos. Last year, the restaurant offered an unlimited bacon deal. That alone was enough to make the doctor curious. And it had the same effect on Cat. Because they didn’t hear an objection from me, it was set.

Despite arriving late for a Sunday lunch, the restaurant’s main hall barely had any customers. On the up side, it was easy to take photos and appreciate their interior.

Our assigned waitress asked for our orders. Both of my friends asked for the Death by Bacon, one of their rice plates that regularly cost 195.00 each but, for the unlimited promo, it fetches for 295.00. One order consists of a single serving of rice, a heart-shaped pancake drizzled with syrup, bacon strips, and heart-shaped sunny side up egg. Because I don’t have even one photo of those two orders, you just have to take my word for it. And why don’t I? Two reasons: my friends were famished and I’d hate to keep them away from food that they craved for so long.

The only proof I have that my friends had a rice meal is the photo of a mini cauldron, used to serve orders of extra rice.

"Kaya kong umubos ng isang kalderong kanin!" ("I can finish one pot of rice!")
“Kaya kong umubos ng isang kalderong kanin!” (“I can finish one pot of rice!”)

As for me, I had the Cheeseburger. When I saw my food, I was kind of surprised to see that the burger had a knife stuck to it. Guess they’re assuring me that the meat is dead. Thanks but I don’t think stabbing is needed. Another surprise: the cheese is actually cheese sauce. It wouldn’t take a leap of faith to think that it won’t be a messy meal.

Cheeseburger, Php 155.00
Cheeseburger, Php 155.00

Before we finished our meal, Cat and Kelvin realized and remembered why I didn’t order the same stuff they did. I don’t eat pork. Naughty Nachos’s menu has items that are free from pork plus it was a new place for us so I didn’t see the need to object. My friends and I laughing about the matter wasn’t what made the experience fun. Eating there was.


Naughty Nachos
Magiting St., Corner Maginhawa, Quezon City

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  1. ksbeth says:

    now i’m hungry!

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