Closure That Soothes

If you’re having difficulty finding closure, you may just find it in my favorite ice cream shop.

Sebastian’s Cold Comfort has been making great flavors since 2005. Ever since my first taste of their tibok-tibok (a kind of rice cake from Pampanga) ice cream in 2010, I have been a fan and a loyal customer. They have created a great number of ice cream flavors, some of them inspired by regional favorites and national treats: champorado with dilis (chocolate rice porridge with anchovies), sapin-sapin (colorful layers of rice cake), green mango with bagoong (fish paste), and the legendary leche flan pie. Some are now regulars and others are limited editions.

They also come up with seasonal flavors. Summer last year saw six Strati, 30-layer ice pops of various and exciting flavors as well as an assortment of sorbets and ice creams inspired by summer fruits and snacks. For Halloween, there was a trio showered with gummi bears and chocolates. The Holidays was time for flavors such as puto bumbong (purple rice cake topped with coconut shavings), queso de bola, and dark chocolate.

For February, Sebastian’s concocted another batch of their famous four Valentine flavors. The Matinong Boyfriend (matino is Filipino for “okay” or “sensible”): bittersweet chocolate ice cream, rum for kick, laced with raspberry sorbet; Matinong Girlfriend: cheese ice cream loaded with Cheetos; and Unresolved Issues: ampalaya (bitter gourd) sorbet with candied ampalaya. While Unresolved Issues has barely changed its contents since it first came out in 2014, the first two flavors are surprises whenever they’re revealed.

Sebastian's Valentine Flavors for 2017: Matinong Boyfriend, Matinong Girlfriend, Unresolved Issues, and Closure
Sebastian’s Valentine Flavors for 2017: Matinong Boyfriend, Matinong Girlfriend, Unresolved Issues, and Closure

The fourth flavor is the only reason I visit them during this season. This year’s Closure is created from passion fruit soaked overnight in black tea leaves and dayap (lime), keeping in line with previous incarnations that are inspired by both tea and fruit. Despite the difference of ingredients, it did not fail to bring soothing to my soul and peace to my palate.

I have found Closure!
I have found Closure!

All of Sebastian’s Valentine Flavors cost 130.00 per scoop, save for Unresolved Issues, which sells for 100.00 per scoop. If you can’t decide yet which one to buy, you could ask for a free taste. You could also get the Combo Cups: buy two, three, or four half scoops for a lesser price (110.00, 155.00, and 200.00 respectively)! Good while supplies last.

Sebastian’s Cold Comfort has branches at the 2F, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City; 4F, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City; and GF, Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.


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