To the Beach

The best spot in Daet was saved for last.

Bagasbas Beach is the pièce de résistance of the little town. Only few could ever keep away from the charm and mystery found in its 2 km. stretch of fine grey sand. There is a red bricked promenade that goes about as long as the beach itself. While at most tourist spots vendors call out to prospective customers, it’s different at Bagasbas: the practice is that you call the vendors and only then will they go to you.

Daet’s main attraction is found some 3.77 km (2.34 mi) away from the heart of the town. Traveling down the Bagasbas Road, one could spot the Bagasbas Zoological Garden, an open area carpeted with grass and dotted with statues of animals and playground fixtures, which stand next to a cheap inn-hotel and a ruin.

At Bagasbas, strong and cool breezes bring in the waves from the Philippine Sea. It’s a free beach, which is why often people could be found there. While locals are the mostly content at the promenade or by the edge of the water, most visitors choose from a number of water sports, like surfing, kite surfing, skim boarding, jet skiing, and even fishing.

Wind and water from the open sea always felt so good to me. It’s like they could clean me, right to my soul. That’s why it’s always such a treat for me to be at the beach.

Bagasbas Beach
Bagasbas Beach

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  1. eto ung medyo malapit na sa calaguas dba? bakit wala nag su-surf?


    1. IDK.
      The time of the afternoon (Past 4PM)?
      The tide and the waves?


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