Mountain of Mausoleums

All vacations come to an end.

The bus had passed through Gumaca, Quezon. The town was already miles behind. And that was when I spotted a strange sight. At the first moment, I thought it was a row of poorly made houses. But the more I saw in the next moment, I realized that I wasn’t just looking at mere houses. They were mausoleums and we were passing by either a cemetery or a graveyard.

Of course, there’s a difference between cemetery and graveyard. Cemetery is the burial ground that isn’t maintained by a church, unlike the way that a graveyard is.

Seeing the number of mausoleums, headstones, and graves plus knowing the history of the country, it’s likely that it is a graveyard than a cemetery—even if I never spotted a campo santo, the chapel found in a graveyard. Also, there wasn’t any sign that gave me a clue as to where we were at that moment. So, my discovery is quite lacking.


What do you think?

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