Blindly Buy Books?

Blindly buy books?

I’d like to think that I have never done it. But I have been subjected to impulse buys: that moment when I learned that a certain book existed and I have no idea if any other copy is available in that bookstore or any other bookstore and if I would risk the moment of leaving it behind, never seeing it again, and remembering not reading it at all. A number of books in my collection are good impulse buys, a few I even deem serendipitous. And the rest are rejects, regrets, and resentments.

When Pam, Kei, and I wandered into a certain bookstore at UP Town Center,

I was instantly drawn to a set of books on the shelves, all of them covered with brown paper and tied with paper twine. Each had a different length, width, and breadth.

Frankly, it was fun to guess which book was underneath the wrapping. The mystery was engrossing. But it didn’t entice me enough to buy one.

My hoard of books is already a testament to a particular lesson: research before buying. I have wasted enough money on books I wished I never bought that – if I collected all the money from all of those books – I would’ve been able to buy other books that had the clearer guarantees of a pleasurable read.

What do you think?

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