All Its Glory

Dear Ernest Cline,

I always see Ready Player One on shelves, especially during the annual book fair. But I never thought of buying it, much less read it—until I saw the trailer of the movie last year.

Watching the trailer was followed by breakdown videos, as well hints on Easter eggs. That was enough to prompt me to search for your book during the 2017 Manila International Book Fair. The usual participating stores I frequented no longer displayed it, which meant they were out of stock. So, I had to go to bookstores at the nearby mall in the hopes of finding it. And I did! It was the last book I bought that day.

Also, it was the last book I read before the close of the year.

Frankly, all the while I read the book, certain scenes from the trailers flashed in my head. It was like my mind was connecting what I saw in the videos to what was on the page. Or, at least, it made the connections based on interpretations. I could be wrong in thinking what scenes were shown in the trailers.

Mental acrobatics aside, I loved reading Ready Player One. Granted I was never big on video games or saw the same American cartoons on Philippine television during my childhood, I’ve become aware of them and even saw some of them for myself in the last few years because they were referred to by other authors, artists, content creators, or even friends.

Daito and Shoto’s friendship-brotherhood was understated—although I think I understand why. It’s that unexpected turn that I am both interested and wary of seeing. I am curious about how that would be translated on to the big screen.

One particular moment I am excited to see is one you never detailed at all. While the characters responsible for it gave hints, I want to see that sequence in all its glory. And I believe you and other readers of the book know what that is.

Personally, I wonder what your thoughts about your book being turned into a movie are. If it’s true that some details were altered, I am curious about what you think of the changes.

Can’t wait to see your work in the big screen!



Mati Serraño


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