Between God and Kids

Dear Robert Schuller:

I cannot remember how I discovered Hello, God: Children’s Prayers to God.

While I recall finding it in a used books store, I have no idea why I bought it. Then again, I did buy it more than two decades ago. I read it then. And I just read it again.

The drawings of the kids remind me of the stuff that my niblings drew when they were at those ages. Also, they were quite inquisitive! I guess that comes with being a kid. Or at least, that is how it is with some kids.

Most of the entries are refreshingly honest and direct. Some prayed for their family and friends and even the whole world. So many of them are awfully thankful. And every one of them is so succinct! It makes me wonder when do prayers usually lengthen. Is at some age or at some realization? Or is it both? Or is it something else entirely?

Of the many prayers included, I was drawn to a few.


Dear God,
Help me get smarter so that I can become a scientist. I really want to achieve my goal, so please help me.
Sincerely, Daniel (age 7)


Dear God,
How old are you, and could you convince my dad to get me a video game?
Anthony (age 9)


Dear God,
Why did I have to be put on earth?
From Joey (age 10)


Dear God,
(How) tall are you, (why) did you make school (?)
Matthew (age 10)


Dear God,
Who made you, why did you make us, why couldn’t life be just perfect (?)
From Bralin (age 10)


Young and existential—I don’t see much of that combination with kids. Then again, I don’t talk much to kids and, with my niblings, it’s mostly about food or cartoons.

The only entry that made tearful was this:


Dear God,
How is it up in heaven? I wonder how is my Daddy up in heaven? I can’t wait to see him. Tell my Daddy I love him. Amen.
Lynette (age 7)


I lingered on the page far longer than I did on any part of the book. Her earnest longing for someone she loves but passed away—it was just so touching.

Hope you compile more of these prayers from children. May they reach more people and more lives.



Mati Serraño


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  1. Got one too… so funny.

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