Comfort in the Food

Where do you go for comfort food when dining out?

One of my go-to places is Ristorante Bigoli. Since 2010, it has been one of my top five restaurants at TrinoMa. When I eat there, I already know what I would order even before I am handed the menu: Ultimate Beef Stromboli: they like small rolls of pizza I dip in rich tomato sauce; a solo serving of Spaghetti Bolognese, hearty and savory; bottomless drinks I mix to my heart’s content; and a slice of Turtle Cheesecake, soft cheesecake with dark and sweet chocolate chips for crunch. And I always asked for the cheese shaker because I could never have enough cheese. When I want something else, I ask for their lasagna or baked ziti.

Ristorante Bigoli
Ristorante Bigoli

I’ve had great times with friends at Bigoli, especially when they offered an all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta a few years ago. We were there from 11 AM until 2 PM, trying to eat as much as possible. I only finished nine slices. There was a leader board there; someone from UP Diliman was the guy to beat.

Even when they didn’t have promos, friends and I still had fun there, mostly because of the bottomless drinks. We could choose any of the sodas and the iced teas. It was a riot learning which combinations worked and didn’t.

The last time I ate at Bigoli was in 2015. Three years is a good excuse to return.

I looked at their menu and I was surprised. They still had strombolis. But there no more Ultimate Beef Stromboli. Okay. The solo serving of Spaghetti Bolognese is still offered. But not the bottomless drinks. Guess the restaurant made the same decision some restaurants made because of the reformed tax law’s effect on beverages. Okay, I could still deal with that. As long as there was dessert—but there was no dessert. They no longer sold Turtle Cheesecakes. How things have changed in three years.

Ordered the Ultimate Chicken Franks Stromboli. Smelled nice. But could not replace the beef. The solo serving of spaghetti looked smaller than I remember. Even after a generous rain of parmesan cheese, it did not have the same rich taste I loved.

As a fan who attended a number of concerts on a table, I know and could see that they still play a number of their hits. But the symphony on my palate just sounds odd. Maybe they’re playing the best they could under the circumstances? I don’t know. But I do know they could sound so much better. I know they could still bring back comfort into their food for their customers.

Ristorante Bigoli
Fourth Floor, Trinoma Mall

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    It’s been long too since I last tried out the place. Always a fan of their Fish Parmigiana and the Turtle Cheesecake – and that’s sad news indeed if they phased the latter out of the menu.

    Even the unlimited bread sticks are gone?

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    1. I wouldn’t know about the breadsticks. I was too disheartened with how the dishes turned out that I couldn’t bear to eat more of anything. The breadsticks still taste the same though, still good with cheese.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. that sucks when you are looking forward to something that will tickle your fond memories only to be disappointed later.

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    1. So true, Ate Mac.


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