When Onions Made Me Happy

Sometimes, I go to a restaurant because friends say the food there is great.

That is why, when I was with Arby for a Sunday night dinner, I thought of trying out Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken. Arby wasn’t one of the people who talked about it. But he has dined there before. So, when I was choosing what to order, he pointed to Fernando’s Spicy Chicken Fillet. It sounded good. So we asked for two of it. Arby said that he wanted his mild. I went with spicy.

Eating after walking for over two hours made me hungrier than usual. So I also asked for Peri’s BBQ Chicken Flatbread and, for dessert, El Fuego.

When our main meal arrived, I saw the difference of our orders. The dips for his were lighter while mine were darker. After talking a hunk of the meat, I immediately liked the chicken. Then I dipped it in one of the sauces. Each had a good kick! Combining all three was a good idea. Too bad that there wasn’t much of them.

Peri's BBQ Flatbread (solo), Php 185.00
Peri’s BBQ Flatbread (solo), Php 185.00

After finishing our chicken, we went for the bread. Somehow, I loved the crispy onions so much than anything else on the bread—and that is big coming from me who detests onions. Never knew that onions could make me happy. I expected that there would be a rich dollop of BBQ sauce but there was hardly any. So, that was disappointing for me.

El Fuego, Php 185.00
El Fuego, Php 185.00

Good thing, El Fuego was a fun way to end the meal. Instantly loved the burnt marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate cake medley. It reminded me of so many childhood snacks.


Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken
Ground Floor, Robinson’s Place Ermita, Manila


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