A Difference Now

Where do you eat when you meet up your friends?

It had been months since I last friends-fellow WordPress bloggers Pam and Kei. Because we met on the last day of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) last year, I asked if they were also there for the last day this year. They said yes. That sounded like an opportunity to meet again.

After some delay because I got sidetracked at the MIBF, we had a late lunch at Basil, a Thai restaurant. This was also the same restaurant we had our lunch last year. That was a fact that made us laugh while we were thinking of what to order.

They asked for Phad Thai, Chicken Green Curry, and Emerald Chicken. I ordered the Beef Satay. Everything on the table was for sharing. Well, almost everything—I didn’t have any of the Phad Thai. We loved each dish. And we loved them more when we discovered that mixing their dips together brought more taste.

From there, they decided to brave the crowd at MIBF. For me, that was my return to madness.

Even with just less than a couple of hours away, I could tell there such a difference now. We were with the post-lunch crowd. We were with people who had the energy to swim through the sea of people and dig up bargains in whatever bin they could sense it. We spent about three hours of that there. Even with just a short time, it was still tiring. Which was why I looked forward to dinner.

Where was dinner?

I suggested Bistro Ravioli. Pam and Kei said that they haven’t been there in a while. So, that was where we headed. I picked the Spaghetti alla Bolognese. They chose the Mushrooms Mozzarella Ravioli and a mystery dish. Like earlier, everything on the table was for sharing. This time, we shared everything, even the mystery dish. I call it the mystery dish because the chicken was supposed to be garlicky but we found it to be honey-laden. The picture didn’t have broth. But the one we had, had. I don’t know if there was a mistake or if that was supposed to be it. But we did love the mystery dish. We even finished it.

But that was not the end of the meal.

Pam and I—predictably—ordered dessert. And we had the same: Panna Cotta with Strawberry. Every spoonful, we laughed louder and harder. The sugar was surely getting to us.


#MOAEats, Ground Floor, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Complex

Bistro Ravioli
Ground Floor, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Complex

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  1. ksbeth says:

    it all sounds wonderful, and the sugar at the end just joined in on the fun )


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