Free View of Flora and Fauna

The government decided to repurpose the old Agriculture and Commerce Building, which was built in 1940. Its designer was Filipino architect Antonio Toledo, who incorporated a neoclassical look to the building. Sometime after WW2, it housed the Tourism department and was its previous occupant until it was given to the museum folks.


We are young we are the dreamers we will fly
When the world will not believe us,
We will rise above the ashes
Before this whole life passes us by
You and I, we will rise

Birds of a Feather

It’s a food hall that opened last February 12 that houses 17 stalls which offer various dishes from Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, and others. Everything from soups and salads to rice meals and BBQs to cakes and ice cream could be found there. A customer could even have their choice of meat or seafood cooked just the way they like it—just look for the store that offers it.

Look Up the Black Prince

“You think life is easy? It might be easy in a tournament, my lord. A tournament is artificial. You’re on one side or the other and no one thinks God takes sides in a tournament, and there are marshals to make sure you don’t get carried off dead, but there are no marshals here. It’s just war, war without end, and the best you can do is try not to be on the wrong side. But who in God’s name knows which side is right?”

A Missing Slab

It’s a small monument found between the Universidad de Manila and the Manila City Hall. Unless you know of its exact location or you discover it for yourself, it’s easy to miss it: the Bonifacio Shrine in front of it arrests anyone’s attention just by with its size, color, and detail. Even the stores near it and the shrubbery surrounding it could obscure it from view. And it would be simple to just see it as another marbled path.

The Emptiest Day

And I am looking for the well that won’t run dry
The rest that weary thoughts cannot deny
When You wrap Your arms around me
I can walk away or face the emptiest day

In the Form of a Milkshake

Although I visited Sebastian’s during the holiday season, it was noticeable there were so few restaurants and shops open at the mall, almost outnumbered by the seemingly unoccupied spaces. I did get lost because the mall is comprised of two buildings connected by floors that serve as bridges; I entered the one that did not have Sebastian’s, so I had to look for it. I did not see any concierge and the guards were always either on the side of the floor opposite me or at the far end.

Without Punctuations or Emotion

Your book was my distraction whenever I would wait. When I stood waiting in line for something, I read it. When I was seated waiting for something or someone, I read it. When I didn’t know what or who I was waiting for, I read it.

Orange Soldiers of Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago was also a casualty of the Battle of Manila. It was finally turned over to the Philippine Government in 1946 and then recognized as the Shrine of Freedom in 1950. Currently, the fort is managed by the Intramuros Administration.

Inexistent in the System

When I went to the BIR branch (also known as Regional District Office or RDO) nearest our house, I was told that their internal rules say that a person could only have their ID made at the RDO that issued the number to them.

Little Giant

You’ve just got to carry what you can
Have the heart of a giant but know you’re a man

Ang Sarap na Di Mo Inakala (The Taste We Did Not Expect)

It was perfect with the nachos that came with every order of chicken, which wasn’t unusual. It also paired well with the saba, a savory-sweet surprise. And it was good with both viands of chicken. What else could the beans pair with?