Giving to the Dams

Countless towering trees serve as silent sentinels of the placid water. Unfortunately, their numbers decreased due to erosion caused climate change. That is why the MWSS has created a reforestation program called “Plant for Life”, which aims to have 50,000 saplings cover the denuded areas in the watershed in 2016.

Love for Zingies

Is Big Bob still the maker of Whammo’s? What happened between then and now? Why did Whammo’s return? Would Fat Fingers – a yellow cream-filled sponge cake and the second favorite – come back as well?

I Completed My Family

There’s good reason why she does not talk about it and, if ever she does, why it is difficult to do so. I understand her and my father. And I do not blame my parents or question their silence. So I asked only once and never again.

The Man, The City, and Valentine’s Day

I have never been inside the garden surrounded by the Elliptical Road. I’ve only seen the wooden sentinels that watch over what online contacts refer to as the Tower of Isengard.

The Blur Last Night

We had a pasta-pizza dinner then another walk and hung out somewhere far from the crowd. That quiet was replaced by so much noise because they danced and we sang the hour away.

Free Taho, Sorbetes, and Meds

Predictably, organizing the people was just chaos. Asking them to leave their seats, walk over to an area and forms lines, and wait while out in the sun would lead to groans and moans. But it had to be started.

Bitter and Sweet Catch-Up

When we entered, Canadian burger chain Triple O’s greeted us with their poster of milkshakes. Tempting but no. Up one floor was Italian Rita with sweet, flavored ice. Still no. I had something different in mind.

Achievement Unlocked: I’m Now Five!

The past year saw me gaining more than 2000 followers. I’ve now personally met 10 bloggers from WordPress. And I began blogging about clothes and fashion, which I normally don’t.

Unthinkable and Unexpected

Despite the joy and relief after the resignation, I knew that there would be an underlying drag. I knew I would fall into a rut. Jake knew how to get me out of it.

Buses, Not Trains

Aubrey told me that, when she rode it, she was the sole passenger and they had a videoke party in the bus. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Third Time at Teddy’s

I asked for the Bigger Hawaiian Style Burger, which is a size larger than their usual. Then I added my usual slice of cheese; I picked Pepperjack this time. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of it so I settled for Swiss Cheese instead. And a bunch of Grilled Mushrooms, as well.