Yes to Nono’s

Imagine the best brazo de Mercedes you’ve had then add a generous dollop of lemon extract, which would be embraced by the fluffiest cream possible topped by lemon zest. I couldn’t imagine the meal ending any other way.

High Time for High Tea

Through cooperation with the Rustans Group of Companies, TWG Tea opened their doors in the Philippines in November 7, 2012, which was the seventh international opening for the company. As of this writing, they have six branches in the Philippines, all found within Metro Manila.

More Talk, Accidentally Less Food Photos

From the Glorietta Activity Center where we met, we took the scenic route by going way up the fifth floor then taking the escalator well down to the basement, which led to a tunnel that connected it to Glorietta 5, also known as G5. A good excuse for this exercise: they’ve never been to those parts of the mall. It was at the second floor where our walk ended because we arrived at a place where I thought they would love the food.

Limited Runs

During the ten minutes we were there, I noticed that the silver stand of shelves was unmanned. Posters reminded people of the rules but no lone crew or professional guard to watch over the goings-on. There was an old man who, after finishing flipping through a novel, reminded a couple of the local kids who raided the collection not to bring any of the books home.

The Long Wait for Poutine

Dark walls and gleaming cutlery and tableware paved the way to our spot. The placemat had the menu printed on it. While we reveled in the cool breeze of the AC, we finalized our orders, though still curious as to how big the servings are, despite having answers from the wait staff.

Unthinkable and Unexpected

Despite the joy and relief after the resignation, I knew that there would be an underlying drag. I knew I would fall into a rut. Jake knew how to get me out of it.

Riddle of the Blue Blazer

It came in my size. It had a good color: blue. It had texture because of the minute white dots, which created the illusion of an even lighter suit. It had lean lapels and two front buttons. It had British-style, which means two vents on the sides. And it had elbow patches made of dark blue material. In short, it was me.

Mannequin, Unmoved

As we were going down an escalator, we noticed a clothing store. Its lights were already out. No one was inside. Its doors were locked. And the mannequins sported veils that extended well past their waists.

The Hooded Figure

Dressing up usually starts me picking what shirt to wear. At times, it depends on what weather is inflicted on the city but most times it’s about what mood I have.

Pancakes for Dessert | IHOP Mall of Asia

Personally, breakfast food is so good, it should be served all day. That’s why I love places like IHOP because not only is the breakfast menu extensive, they serve it even at night.

Chase the Sun

… [While] one foot is in the office officially pounding away at the keyboard, the other is at home packing for the weekend.