A Difference Now

Pam and I—predictably—ordered dessert. And we had the same: Panna Cotta with Strawberry. Every spoonful, we laughed louder and harder. The sugar was surely getting to us.

Searching for the Same Sweet Treats

It offered cute and quirky designs for cakes, which was their biggest seller. But soon people, including me, discovered that there was more to them than just cakes.

Eating More When With Friends

But good food discoveries did not stop there. Out of curiosity, I took a piece of the top of the bread bowl and ran it over the fondue. I already knew the taste of the melted cheese. What surprised me was the bread, which by itself was just as good. Even though it was understandably soggy by then, it was still an understated winner.

A Smashing Good Time!

… Channel your inner Hulk, Thor, or someone just as infuriated to smash away at the treat until it is reduced to bite-size pieces.

Just “Outside” of Little Tokyo

I invoked my inner Ebisu, the god of fortune, from the anime Noragami Aragoto and asked for Hamburg Steak. While I may not be a great lover of onions, I found it pleasant that they were included in that hefty patty drizzled with savory sauce. I’ve had Hamburg steaks before but nothing similar to that. I think Ebisu would like this version, even if it’s not from the Olive Tavern.

Request Granted

In mid August, I was surprised when, while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, Kumori had posted an update. It wasn’t about an existing product of theirs. It was about a new item. I didn’t need to know the name. The photo itself was more than enough to tell me what it was.

More Talk, Accidentally Less Food Photos

From the Glorietta Activity Center where we met, we took the scenic route by going way up the fifth floor then taking the escalator well down to the basement, which led to a tunnel that connected it to Glorietta 5, also known as G5. A good excuse for this exercise: they’ve never been to those parts of the mall. It was at the second floor where our walk ended because we arrived at a place where I thought they would love the food.

Live and Loud and Wild

I loved that the turnout was better than I anticipated. Both ends of the long table had different games going on because there’s not that many board games that uses more than 12 players.

Wonder and Hunger

Ever since last year, I have visited their first branch at Landmark a number of times already. Even though I am quite familiar with their pastries, seeing them always leaves me in wonder and hunger.

A Different Way to Eat Ice Cream

So, when I learned that Army Navy came out with a new dessert offering, I decided to have a taste for myself. Plus, the heat was a good excuse to eat something cold.

Finding Closure

Sebastian’s Cold Comfort predictably came up with special flavors for this year’s Valentine season. These special flavors started in 2014. For three years, customers have seen the Matinong Boyfriend and Matinong Girlfriend change ingredients and flavors, which kept patrons like me wondering how each tastes like.

Bitter and Sweet Catch-Up

When we entered, Canadian burger chain Triple O’s greeted us with their poster of milkshakes. Tempting but no. Up one floor was Italian Rita with sweet, flavored ice. Still no. I had something different in mind.