A Memorable Lunch

As much as I loved to have Gizmo from Gremlins for company, he had to stay within the glass walls. So it was just Ted who sat with us at our table.

Messy Meal

My eyes darted across the whole room. Because it was practically empty, I had a better look at their décor. Empty bottles lined a partition; some hung from the mobile that surrounded lighting fixtures, distracting me from the exposed ceiling. Framed photographs and epigrams, menu specials, and album posters dotted the walls.

Just “Outside” of Little Tokyo

I invoked my inner Ebisu, the god of fortune, from the anime Noragami Aragoto and asked for Hamburg Steak. While I may not be a great lover of onions, I found it pleasant that they were included in that hefty patty drizzled with savory sauce. I’ve had Hamburg steaks before but nothing similar to that. I think Ebisu would like this version, even if it’s not from the Olive Tavern.

Old Digests

Found these sometime last week. Originally, they belonged to Cocoy, a friend-dormmate from college, who collected them because his father made a subscription for him; his collection spanned the years from 1996 t0 2002. He gave them to me when he had to return home after graduating. I stored them in a plastic bin and…

Consulting the Doctor About Chinese Weddings

Marvin remarked that it had the smell of Maggi cubes while the latter had a thick sauce and fair-tasting meat. And because he remembered that I took photos of food, he obliged my familiar peculiarity. I love it when friends remember.

Not The Same (Christmas) Song

Some used only parts of it. Others used the whole song. Whichever, it was the same song for every number. My guess is that Marvin and the rest of the people at the party had enough of it in spite of the song being good.

Comfort and Company | Ristorante Bigoli

So after seeing Heneral Luna, I pointed him to Ristorante Bigoli. I didn’t have to sell it hard to him: just the mere mention of pasta is enough to pique his interest.

Burger, Bar, and Bear | BurgerBar

  “Whose bear is that?” That was the first question that popped into my head when I headed to BurgerBar. With my phone in hand, I wondered if that is their official mascot and began to text Arby where I was and to look for a big teddy bear. I was texting by the door….