Closure That Soothes

They have created a great number of ice cream flavors, some of them inspired by regional favorites and national treats: champorado with dilis (chocolate rice porridge with anchovies), sapin-sapin (colorful layers of rice cake), green mango with bagoong (fish paste), and the legendary leche flan pie. Some are now regulars and others are limited editions.


More Talk, Accidentally Less Food Photos

From the Glorietta Activity Center where we met, we took the scenic route by going way up the fifth floor then taking the escalator well down to the basement, which led to a tunnel that connected it to Glorietta 5, also known as G5. A good excuse for this exercise: they’ve never been to those parts of the mall. It was at the second floor where our walk ended because we arrived at a place where I thought they would love the food.

The Wrinkle and the Waters

Your book made me curious about that particular verse, causing me to read the whole chapter, and eventually the whole book. But that wasn’t the only effect it had on me. The cavalcade of seraphim and nephilim introduced me to the world of angelology, symbology, and numerous Christian legends. And I thought only the secular world had folklore.

The Boys at a Burger Place

A: Saan tayo kakain? (Where will we eat?)
B: Kayo. (You guys [decide].)
C: ‘Yung sa masarap! (Where it’s delicious!)
D: Ikaw bahala. (You [one person] decide.)
E: Kahit saan. (Anywhere.)
F: Kung ano sa ‘yo. (Whatever is yours.)
G: Basta malapit. (Where it’s close.)

Live and Loud and Wild

I loved that the turnout was better than I anticipated. Both ends of the long table had different games going on because there’s not that many board games that uses more than 12 players.

Constantly Changing Burger

That is also the reason why I just couldn’t tell Pam – or anyone, for that matter – how I make my version of the Hawaiian burger hugely because, with me, there is no set way to make that burger. Even I don’t know how I would want it at one moment. And I’m already facing the menu by then!

The Long Wait for Poutine

Dark walls and gleaming cutlery and tableware paved the way to our spot. The placemat had the menu printed on it. While we reveled in the cool breeze of the AC, we finalized our orders, though still curious as to how big the servings are, despite having answers from the wait staff.

The Man, The City, and Valentine’s Day

I have never been inside the garden surrounded by the Elliptical Road. I’ve only seen the wooden sentinels that watch over what online contacts refer to as the Tower of Isengard.

The Blur Last Night

We had a pasta-pizza dinner then another walk and hung out somewhere far from the crowd. That quiet was replaced by so much noise because they danced and we sang the hour away.

Bitter and Sweet Catch-Up

When we entered, Canadian burger chain Triple O’s greeted us with their poster of milkshakes. Tempting but no. Up one floor was Italian Rita with sweet, flavored ice. Still no. I had something different in mind.

Unthinkable and Unexpected

Despite the joy and relief after the resignation, I knew that there would be an underlying drag. I knew I would fall into a rut. Jake knew how to get me out of it.

Consulting the Doctor About Chinese Weddings

Marvin remarked that it had the smell of Maggi cubes while the latter had a thick sauce and fair-tasting meat. And because he remembered that I took photos of food, he obliged my familiar peculiarity. I love it when friends remember.