Just “Outside” of Little Tokyo

I invoked my inner Ebisu, the god of fortune, from the anime Noragami Aragoto and asked for Hamburg Steak. While I may not be a great lover of onions, I found it pleasant that they were included in that hefty patty drizzled with savory sauce. I’ve had Hamburg steaks before but nothing similar to that. I think Ebisu would like this version, even if it’s not from the Olive Tavern.

My First Cup of Coffee for 2016

Stirring the ice cubes was fun but watching the warm milk swim through the many crevices was almost hypnotizing. The syrup snaked on the surface then disappeared after a few seconds. Mixing all three was just pure, childish delight!

Deceivingly Filling | Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki

It’s discouraged to mix or pat it once it’s on the teppan. When it’s cooked, you could top with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and/or yakisoba sauce, even with shredded nori or benito powder.

Foot Trip, Food Trip: The Fort and Mall Round | Sunday Club Best

Mr. Celdran was nothing less than entertaining, with his pockets full of flowers and his change of hats. Kelvin, our group historian, took away interesting perspectives from the two hours we spent with our Chocnut-loving guide. What did we learn from that afternoon at Fort Santiago?

The Red Ogre Who Cried

The Red Ogre wanted to make friends with people, but they were afraid of the ogre and kept their distance. It made the Red Ogre sad.

That Much-Awaited Bun | Kumori

My cravings approach not as individual spies but as battalions. In other words, I gave in to an army a couple of days ago. So I found myself marching to Kumori. I no longer bear the initial apprehension of having the wrong direction; though it was just my second visit, I know the route to…

Something We Would Miss From Them | Nomama

Jake wanted to have ramen for dinner. Between me and my buddy, I am the one who usually makes the food-/dining-related plans. Last week was one of those rare occurrences when he took the lead, starting with being terribly excited about Nomama’s Peso Ramen Promo. I’ve learned weeks before that the artisanal ramen restaurant would…

“Where’s the Melon Bread?” | Kumori

“I hope they have Melon Bread.” Since about two weeks ago when I first heard about the launch of the first branch of Kumori—an international name that originated from Japan that offers baked goods—I’ve had great cravings. And the more I looked at photos of their “Anpan, Melon-pan, Yakisoba bread, Korokke Pan, Curry bread, and…

Night Parade | Daily Prompt: Can’t Get it Out of My Head

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else. I ended up in the middle of a parade. And it’s no usual human parade. It’s the march of demons, ghosts, and other creatures of the night. How did I end up there? Some years ago, there…