Free View of Flora and Fauna

The government decided to repurpose the old Agriculture and Commerce Building, which was built in 1940. Its designer was Filipino architect Antonio Toledo, who incorporated a neoclassical look to the building. Sometime after WW2, it housed the Tourism department and was its previous occupant until it was given to the museum folks.

Between Berlin and Bombay | At the Museum

Past the reception area, the first thing most people would notice was the Ifugao house. As much as I’d like to take photos of the interiors, it was difficult to get a whole minute to myself there because the structure attracted so many kids followed by their parents and yayas. And if you’re at that age when you still play house, you too would be likely drawn to it.

Foot Trip, Food Trip: The Chinatown and Museum Round | Sunday Club Best

From the old Sta. Cruz Church near LRT Carriedo station, we walked into Chinatown, which is – from what I know – the oldest Chinatown in the world. It is also officially known as Binondo. The 10:30 morning sun was raging in the sky and the sweat made me lose my bearings for a moment. But I got it back soon enough when I got under a shade.